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Vidhi Mody

Coding? I do it for the cookies! 🍪

3 min read · July 18th 2020

GSoCpedia: Chapter Five

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."

~ Aristotle

If you have been following my blogs regularly, you’d know that I had been facing serious problems with my machine. For some reason it would auto-delete any file that I’m working on (That’s automation for you 😵) ! Given the current COVID situation, it was incredibly difficult to get a new machine. After being stuck for days, Voila!


Project Status Update Meet

I had one of the most eventful weeks so far, with so many things lined up one after the other. First in line was the GSoC/ Outreachy Project Status Update Meet! It was great meeting my fellow folks again. Next update should be a Netflix Party with everyone. (hopfully 😅)

Student Meet

Refactoring Workshop

Attended the Refactoring Workshop a few days back and I highly recommend it! The workshop taught me some patterns and tools which can use to refactor code. It was a lively session with some hands on coding and discussions with major importance given to the process rather than the end result. You can find the code to be refactored here.I don’t wanna give any spoilers but I will definitely say it was worth attending. The TDD and Refactoring Workshop are a part of the Code Health Group initiative and are open for everyone to attend! If you are interested you can register here.

Refactoring Workshop

Bug Reporting Best Practices

A good bug report can decrease the time required in fixing a bug and is also essential to allow developers to locate problems and reference the information to fix issues in the development process quickly. However, this is something I’m not very good at. So, my mentor John decided to help out! Upcoming: John’s Blog Post

Week 9 and 10

🎉 Finally have a machine that works! Took some time to set up the new machine but it’s all set up now 💁


✅ Partially Accomplished

  • Upgraded the TemplateWizard repository to v5.


📃 Documentation tasks

❌ Waiting/ Blocked

I guess this is all from me for now. See you in two weeks! 🍻


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