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Vidhi Mody

Coding? I do it for the cookies! 🍪

1 min read · July 29th 2020

GSoCpedia: Chapter Six

“Always be a work in progress.”

~ Emily Lillian

This week was somewhat historic because I had managed to the our CI (Continuous Integration) platform (unintentionally ofcourse 🙈). Here’s what happened:

  1. My patch to UpgradeMobile Frontend got merged.
  2. It had a flaky test which start causing problems.
  3. It casued failures in multiple extensions changing the priority of thee task to Unbreak Now! Failures
  4. We had to revert the commit 😅

Week 11 and 12

Coming back to my progress so far, here’s what I’ve accomplished!


✅ Accomplished


📃 Documentation tasks

That’s all folks. See you in two weeks! 🍻


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